Rasna Arora

Immigrating to Canada with only $1000 in her pocket, Rasna Arora found Blackcard and after only 3 years. She has built a $50 million portfolio in real estate. Rasna is now a Certified Coach, teaching the tools and systems that helped make her successful in that journey.

By the end of 2021, Rasna had a portfolio of about 70 properties with over 150 units. Some were flips or wholesales, but a lot of them were buy and hold, which she flipped and now holds in her portfolio. Rasna believes in building generational wealth for her and her family, and real estate is the way to do it. Rasna has built not only this level of success, but also her niche business by first investing in herself, then by adding a unique value to each one of her properties and most importantly followed the strategies to buy them right. 

Guiding her students through the valleys and celebrating their wins, big or small, Rasna’s passion about her student’s success not only shows up in real estate, but for them personally as well. Most of her students become part of her extended family, as she continues to encourage them to achieve the success they are seeking.

“It doesn’t matter where on your journey you are starting from, you can build success too.”

Chris Henderson

Chris knows what it’s like to try and scale a real estate investing business the hard way vs. the Blackcard way. Chris went from student to Certified Coach in 3 years. He is now the President and director of HBTN investments and a Coach with Blackcard. With $23.6 million in active deals, you could learn a lot from him.

Chris started out doing single family flips, then eventually migrated into using multiple exit strategies for his properties. To date, he and his team have completed over 30 projects. 

Before he began to coach with the Blackcard community, Chris had a successful career, making great money. Having a good job was the only way to make it, or so he thought, but then Chris realized a few things. First was that he wanted more freedom and time to spend with his family. Chris was working 80 hours a week, with a huge weight of responsibilities. At any time, the business he worked for could make decisions outside his control that would leave him and his family vulnerable and left to find something else. There really was no job security for him in that “stable job”. Job security is a myth. 

The second thing Chris realized was that he was investing all of his talent, skills and ideas into someone else’s business. Chris wanted more, to build a brand, a company and to keep more of his own money in his pocket. He wanted to reinvest his talent back into his own business to create real wealth. 

He was hesitant to jump into real estate because of a mindset challenge he faced early on in his coaching, a scarcity mindset. This mentality kept him from achieving his goals, and he ended up just creating a full time job doing everything himself. However, once he started coaching with Blackcard, he quit his corporate job, saw exponential growth in the business, and has been able to do more exciting deals. 

In his first year of coaching, he started by doing 1 deal. In his second year he completed 20 deals. In his 3rd year, he is working on luxury flips and is a Certified Coach with Blackcard and has 14 deals on the go. Chris now has the quality time available to spend with his family. He has taken what he has learned and is looking forward to the next 2 years taking on bigger deals, more challenges and teaching those coming up behind him how to have the same success he has had.


Allan & Connie Mcintosh

Allan and Connie got started in real estate about 30 years ago.They purchased their first rental property after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Seeing the possibilities, this book inspired them to take the plunge into real estate. They purchased a triplex and saw it as a long-term retirement income stream. Hoping over the next 25 years to pay off the mortgage and have the monthly rental income be used in their retirement.

However, because Allan and Connie didn’t have access to more information or a coach, they made big mistakes and the cash flow just wasn’t there. They soon realized that they did not know what they were doing. Allan and Connie decided that real estate was not for them and they sold their property within the year. It took Allan and Connie a long time to feel worthy of success after this loss. They spent the next 25 years trading time for money at their full time jobs, until Allen found a book that would change their lives.  Money, People, Deal by Stefan Aarnio pointed Connie and Allan in the right direction. This book taught them the strategies they were missing, it showed them that there was education and help available to succeed in real estate. Looking for a strong mentor to guide them, Stefan was the one for them. 

Coming into Blackcard,  Allan and Connie started in the Platinum program being coached by Stefan himself. He called them Blackcards “Rockstar Students”. For the first time Allan and Connie were held accountable in their entrepreneurial life. From feeling like failures and deciding real estate was not for them, to having some amazing successes such as buying one house at $659,000, renovating it, then selling it for 1.3 million. Allan and Connie are a wealth of knowledge you can’t miss out on. 

One of Allan and Connie’s greatest joys is to be able to make their students feel worthy of success with the right support team. They are truly passionate about teaching the hard learned lessons and watching their students thrive. Both Allan and Connie are honored to support and hold their students accountable, while teaching them the Blackcard systems on how to be successful in real estate, just like Stefan did with them. 

Sean Lacap

Sean’s passion for real estate begins with a passion to honor his family. Since Sean was little, he witnessed his parents work long days and then work long nights renovating their home, just to flip and sell them for side income in order to make ends meet. Now, those houses are worth 3-5 times what they sold them for. “It pained me to see that my family didn’t take advantage of the appreciation by keeping any of the houses that we lived in, fixed up, and felt forced to sell.” Sean’s “why” is to honor his family and give his parents the second chance to build passive income and appreciation equity.

In 2014 Sean came across Blackcard and knew he needed to join the Platinum program to coach with Stefan. Sean was one of the first to sign up for coaching with Stefan. Before Sean joined Blackcard, he was flipping a few houses a year with his own money and labor, just like his parents. After he joined, he flipped several houses at a time and accumulated 40 units, all before 30 years old.

One coaching call can change the trajectory of a student, and Sean knows it. After a negotiation that almost ruined the deal, Sean called his coach Stefan. Stefan taught him the skills of negotiation and how to “go back in there and destroy the competition.” That 10 minute conversation resulted in Sean getting the deal which ended up profiting him more than the cost of 1 whole year of coaching with Stefan.

Seans has over 13 full-time years of experience negotiating with sellers and raising capital. His goal is to arm his students with key valuable business skills that will help them build empires for their families and “destroy their competition”.

Jason Greschuk

Jason Greschuk is a 7 figure business owner, a long time real estate investor and current CEO of Blackcard. 

He began his business career in 2009 at the age of 21, three years after the loss of his father. He ran his own student painting franchise, setting records for the company, and learning the fundamental skills of business. For two years after this, Jason was a District Manager, helping over 30 people start their own student painting businesses. After this 3 year blur of growth and challenges, Jason took a break from work and went to live on the mountain at Big White in BC to snowboard every day. After 6 weeks, he broke his wrist. Being forced to come home, Jason decided, with one arm, to start his own painting company. He ran this business for a year and a half while finishing his degree at the I.H. Asper School of Business.

Wanting to take on a new challenge in early 2014, Jason hired a real estate coach, Stefan Aarnio. Jason was the first Platinum Student of Stefan’s coaching program. Learning how to buy, fix, and sell properties, he made money for himself, his family, and his joint venture partners. During a coaching call with Stefan, Jason was complaining about the growing pains he was facing, when Stefan cut him off and founded his life changing slogan, “Jason, you’ve got to Respect The Grind”. 

Jason won the Business Growth Award from Blackcard University in 2014, after seeing massive success in real estate and 300% growth in his painting company. Also he was a finalist for the Young Gun Award, and Joint Venture of the Year by Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine in 2017. 

Since 2014, He has scaled painting business into a multi-million dollar company, and purchased multiple competing painting companies since then. Jason has grown two multi-million dollar businesses, and has completed over 30 real estate projects in his local market of Winnipeg. Jason credits a large part of his success to the strategies and tactics taught inside of Blackcard University. Once Stefan released his Blackcard Licensing program, Jason was one of the first graduated students to become a Certified Coach with Stefan. 

In 2020, Jason got licensed in the exempt market, becoming licensed to raise money for private businesses. This experience opened his eyes to the idea that there is only one industry in the world, and that’s capital, everything else is a cause. Jason is passionate about connecting money, people and deals together to build the causes and passions of those around him.

Jason has written what he calls his Legacy Book, a detailed look at his story, life experiences, personal values, and his vision for his future. This book, combined with the Business Romance course, is essentially a playbook for entrepreneurs looking to go from being employees, to owners, and to investors. Jason is now the CEO of Blackcard and is using the Blackcard programs to lead his students to the same level of success and win in the pursuit of their cause.

Brian Merryman

Brian joined the Blackcard community as a Platinum student and was coached directly by Stefan Aarnio. Within 1 year of being in the Platinum program, Brian was named Yahoo Finance’s top real estate inventors in 2020. During his first month he closed on 3 deals and raised 1 million dollars in capital. Brian has been featured in multiple publications such as USA Today and the Frederick News Post for the success he has seen in real estate but also the value he brings to the communities he enters. If you want to scale your business in real estate, Brian is the coach for you. 

Brian is Blackcards primary coach for students that are in the USA. He resides in Maryland where he operates his property restoration business, American Flip House. Brian completed his first flip in 2012 after he came across a book that changed his perspective on real estate investing forever, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. Since then, he’s been hooked.  

Beginning his career in real estate and feeling the growing pains, he quickly realized he needed to invest in himself to be successful and grow as an investor. 

Through coaching, Brian became educated in many real estate strategies. As each deal goes along, Brian is improving his systems, adapting to the market and exploring new arenas. Brian is a solutions guy, whatever exit strategy, and is able to adapt his project to the needs of potential buyers. 

Brian is now a Certified Coach with Blackcard. What sets him apart as a real estate investor is when he and his team enter a home in a community, they aren’t just looking at how it will benefit the business, rather they look for ways to move the community forward.

“I do not believe in getting rich on any one deal. True affluence is built over time through great partnerships and consistent and efficient deals.” Brian does this by taking the time to find and build the right team, using the Money People Deal model. 

Brian is passionate about living by example to show his students how to live on purpose. To build a business they are passionate about that also makes an impact on the community around them. Rebuilding small communities, one family home at a time. Brian has learned the systems, and is passionate about helping his students reach the same success.

“I’m creating the school I wish I had”

Coaching packages


Well as the saying goes, it takes money to make money. So first things first, you need to raise some capital. And yes, raising capital is a skill. What other skills do you need if you want to make this Real Estate thing happen?

Sales and negotiation. Once you learn how to raise capital, sell and negotiate, you have all you need to be successful in Real Estate.

You’re not going to learn those skills by reading a book. You’re going to learn those skills through 1 on 1 help from a mentor and real-world application. That’s what the Blackcard Coaching is all about.

Key Benefits Of Program?

Unique Goals

Wholesaling, flipping, buy & hold, new builds, commercial deals, business development, whatever you’re looking to accomplish, we have a coach that has done it and can show how you can find success.

Identify Barriers

Minimize failure and maximize success by working one-on-one with someone who has been where you are, who knows what you will have to do and what you will have to overcome in order to achieve your goals.

Pinpoint Needs

We all have specific needs in our life and our business, learn to identify your priorities so that you can focus on what’s really important and less time wasting energy. Your coach will guide you through all the key areas of business to remove failure from the equation.

Set Your VIsion

This coaching is about YOU and YOUR vision. Our coaches will help you map out what you want out of business and life in order for you to achieve the life that you’ve always wanted, then they’ll help you create actionable steps to make your dreams a reality.

Achievement Rings!

Freedom Ring

  • Enrolling in Bronze Coaching Minimum
  • Initiation To Blackcard University
  • Stainless Steel Ring

Warrior Ring

  • 100,000 Proven Net Annual Earnings
  • Stainless Steel Ring

Knight Ring

  • $250,000 Proven Net Annual Earnings
  • Stainless Steel Ring

King Ring

  • $1,000,000 Proven Net Worth
  • 14k gold plated

Philosopher Ring

  • $500K Proven Net Earnings
  • 14k gold plated

Philosopher King Ring

  • $1,000,000 Proven Net Annual Earnings
  • 14k gold plated

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