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I Listed to Stefan quite a bit.I Looked at his Results and put ego aside.I went to one of his platinum program coaching classes and saw how fast I could reach elite status in the flipping world.
Dan Nagy
The biggest turning point for my career was when I enrolled in stefan's program and become a student.I had set goals that I had hoped to reach in ten years, and he helped me to realize those goals in six months.
Lan Streutker
Our real estate investment adventure began thirty years ago with triplex.It was a disaster and we ended up losing it.We ultimatelty found stefan aarnio's books, and decided to join his one-on-one platinum training course.We attribute our success to the program.
Connie & Allan mcintosh
Stefan aarino's Coaching program shifted my middle class mindset in a big way.There is a system to be learned, and I leveled-up to the platinum program.We are only as Limited as our capabilities, and our capabilities are our own beliefs
Rasna arora