Wealth Assessment Bundle

The following is an explanation of the exact products included in this bundle. The Wealth Assessment bundle is intended to give our Customers everything neccessary to teaching themselves the skills for Real Estate Investing, Business and Entrepreneurship. 

Benefit # 1

4 Books.

  1. Money People Deal.
  2. 7 Level Selling.
  3. Ten Commandments of Negotiation.
  4. Self Made.

Benefit # 2

A Wealth Potentials Test

The Wealth Potentials test is designed to help you quickly discover and articulate your best, often hidden, business talents.

You also get the benefit of a 1-on-1 wealth strategy session with an expert coach to help you create a plan based on your personal Wealth Profile. 

You will be able to finally overcome major entrepreneurial roadblocks and express your vision better.

Benefit # 3

100K Financing Package.

his is called the $100K Financing package because it provides all the scripts and tools needed to receive $100K in financing from your bank, credit card company, or even other sources. With these tools pretty much any single person can receive up to and above $100K in financing no matter where you are economical.
The package includes a binder with exact scripts and techniques that allow you to get financing of $100K easily. Some of the techniques are as simple as calling your bank and saying a specific script to convince your bank manager to increase your credit card limit. Other scripts go into exact detail of potential conversations that would happen in the negotiation of your credit.

Benefit # 4

2X Tickets of

BluePrint To Cash Event.

How To Find, Fund, And Flip Real Estate For Profit Without Your Own Cash, Credit, or Banks.

Learn strategies for quick profits like bird-dogging and wholesaling so you can get a fast paycheck of up to $5,000 – $10,000!

Copy the proven tactics to fix and flip properties (for BIG paydays) in your area without ever using your own funds! You don’t need any experience or licenses to use this system to make money on your own (part-time OR full-time)

Benefit # 5

1 Hour Strategy Session

with either a “successful platinum student, or “Coach”.

After purchasing the bundle you will be given the option to book a 1-hour conversation with one of BlackCardU’s Lead strategists.

During the call, the strategist will go through your reflection on the book readings, Results of the Wealth Potentials Test and what goals you have for the future. The lead strategist will help you determine what direction you should be taking and are best suited for in business.

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